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Bienvenido a Todo para la Infancia Escuela Infantíl

With more than 30 years of tradition, the school renews its project to meet the current needs of families. A school where we believe in respectful teaching, spontaneous play, in the development of creativity, movement, experimentation and free exploration of the environment. 


That is why we would like to highlight the personalized attention we offer, the ability of the educator to know how to listen to the students, understand them, put ourselves at their height at all times and thus be able to offer what they really need at all times. This is how we will achieve the full development of all.

We have an Educational Team involved in the development of all students, motivated to continue learning with the experiences that children offer us daily and aware of the need to continue improve our knowledge. 

Educational team where love and enjoyment prevails any knowledge and aware that we have in our hands the most precious thing for parents, grateful that they entrust us and confident that our work is very worthwhile, being part of their early childhood It will leave a mark on them forever, so we will always do it with our hearts.

Our facilities are designed to ensure the welfare of the little ones; complying at all times with the current regulations required; offering our students a comfortable, warm and safe environment. We have spacious, bright and ventilated classrooms adapted to each level.