From school we try at all times to give continuity to the food that are used at home, that is, to maintain the parents considerations.

 183/5000 It is our philosophy to make the moment of food a moment of enjoyment for the child and we take advantage of it to continue educating and transmitting new values and learning.

 Gradually we introduce different foods, flavors and textures respecting at all times the rhythm of the child and motivating his curiosity to try new foods.

For this, it is necessary to create a warm environment where the child feels comfortable and can eat with complete peace of mind enjoying the moment. Of course, we encourage their autonomy by giving them freedom when it comes to eating and we take advantage of the meal times to develop their hygiene routines as well.

 We promote healthy eating habits at different times of the day by offering, for example, mid-morning fruit and snack, to get used children to drink it.

 Trabajamos de la mano de Colectividades Chabe , catering especializado en alimentación infantil. Ofrece alimentos saludables evitando grasas, fritos  o azúcares,  trabajando con  alimentos ecológicos como frutas, verduras y hortalizas. Todas sus recetas son  caseras y los menús diarios a parte de  equilibrados,  son adaptados por nutricionistas  a las diferentes necesidades de los niños de 0 a 3 años, por lo tanto nos permite ajustarnos a las necesidades de cada alumno.